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Configuring Eudora - The manual way

On first run you'll be presented with the following screen:
Note: You may be presented with the option to import from an existing setup. If you already use an e-mail client and you want it's settings and mail transferred over to Eudora you may choose this and it should automatically transfer everything, however, after it finishes you should double check settings under Tools-Account Settings and Tools-Options.

Select Email account and click Next. You'll then see:

Enter your name and e-mail address and click Next. You'll next see:

Select either POP or IMAP

  • POP downloads the messages from the server to your hard drive, but only from the inbox . Set your webmail filters to add a header only and then use Eudora's filters to direct the mail to the proper local folders (i.e. Spam). This is the most secure way. The con is that you won't see your mail in webmail when away from your computer because you downloaded it and removed it.
  • IMAP works with the messages on the server and all the folders there. So when you use webmail all you mail is available to you. However, this is less secure than POP because you are leaving your mail on the server which puts it at risk of others access by getting your password from you or by other means.
  • If you want the best of both worlds, select POP and set the messages to be deleted from the server every 1-5 days (this setting is made after setup in Tools-Account Settings). You'll have access to your recent mail in webmail when away from your computer and not be storing too much mail on the server and subjecting it to the risks associated with that.

Enter for Incoming Server and for Outgoing Server. Click Next.

This may be already properly filled in with your account. Make sure that it is correct, this must be your Cotse.Net account name. Click Next.

Click Next

IMPORTANT: Uncheck Download messages now. If you check messages now it will connect without encryption. Click Finish.

You will get a box that asks if you want Eudora as your default mail client, select as you desire and click OK.

Will next ask for password so it can check mail, Choose Cancel, you DO NOT want it to check mail right now, you want to set encryption first.

Once again, you DO NOT want to let the client check mail right now, not until you perform the steps below. Do not enter passwords or check mail.

Go to Tools-Account Settings and click on Server Settings

In Security Settings for Connection Security change None to SSL/TLS (uses alt port) or STARTTLS (uses standard port) to ensure encryption receiving (note: image may differ if you chose imap)

Click on Outgoing Server then Edit

Set Connection Security to SSL/TLS or STARTTLS for encryption while sending

Click OK.

You are now set to send and receive e-mail securely with Eudora.

Remember: Add your aliases to Manage Identities so that you can use them as from addresses. You should not use your root e-mail address for everything, much of your antispam control lies in the ability to kill custom aliases when spammers get ahold of them.

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