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Data protection, or lack thereof. Some stories may be in other sections such as Data or ID Theft.

Court strikes down portion of California financial privacy law
"A U.S. District Court judge on Tuesday struck down a portion of a California law that restricts banks from selling consumers' private information to their affiliates, ruling that the state law is pre-empted by federal rules."
Full story - TimesDaily
Submitted by Anonymous, Wed Oct 5 08:49:22 EDT 2005

Musicians tell how to beat system
"Major labels Sony BMG and EMI are releasing more and more new CDs that block fans from dragging their tunes to iPods. Now, in the most bizarre turn yet in the record industry's piracy struggles, stars Dave Matthews Band, Foo Fighters and Switchfoot - and even Sony BMG, when the label gets complaints - are telling fans how they can beat the system."
Full story - CNN
Submitted by Anonymous, Tue Oct 4 17:23:23 EDT 2005

Reader's privacy digested in 'immoral swap'
"Lists of confidential personal information have been up for grabs to the highest bidder for many years but one Cape Town man has had enough. Alexus Basson, a retired bank employee from Fish Hoek, cancelled his 37-year-old subscription to Reader's Digest when the organisation gave his details to a cellphone company which then contacted him with a "special deal". Basson slated the practice as immoral and an invasion of privacy."
Full story - iOL
Submitted by Anonymous, Mon Oct 3 08:30:12 EDT 2005

Privacy's weak links
"... The breach affected about 600,000 people - current and former Time Warner employees (including the girl's father, Charles Bartlett), some of their dependents and beneficiaries (including his daughter and her 14-year-old brother), and certain individuals who provided services to the company."
Full story - Newsday
Submitted by Anonymous, Mon Oct 3 08:29:12 EDT 2005

Auditors hack Interior's financial and personal data - again
"Lapses in the Interior Department's oversight allowed government-hired hackers to infiltrate the agency's systems, according to a Sept. 6 Interior memo."
Full story - FCW
Submitted by Anonymous, Mon Oct 3 07:56:37 EDT 2005

GE Snags Homeland Security Privacy Chief
"... Ponemon says that GE faces a growing list of privacy issues, especially as it continues to diversify. The company now owns health-care and life-insurance firms, and laws prohibit consumer data from being mixed between those two businesses. It also has a growing presence in Europe, where privacy laws prevent American firms from allowing personal data on their European employees from crossing international borders."
Full story - InformationWeek
Submitted by Anonymous, Thu Sep 29 14:11:34 EDT 2005

Data protectionists say we are constantly compromising our privacy
"Spiros Simitis has stated in an interview with the German daily Frankfurter Allgemeinen Zeitung that "Data protection cannot exist without awareness of privacy.""
Full story - Heise
Submitted by Anonymous, Wed Sep 28 08:19:41 EDT 2005

Yahoo Users Get Phished
"A new phishing method is targeting Yahoo users by recording their user name and password while logging them into a legitimate area of the portal, according to Websense, a Web security software firm."
Full story - PCWorld
Submitted by Anonymous, Tue Sep 27 15:01:29 EDT 2005

Data Breaches Bad for Business
"Victims of personal data security breaches are showing their displeasure by terminating relationships with the companies that maintained their data, a survey finds."
Full story - ConsumerAffairs
Submitted by Anonymous, Tue Sep 27 14:22:43 EDT 2005

EU Parliament rejects data-retention plan
"The European Parliament on Tuesday rejected a proposal by European Union governments to retain telephone and e-mail data for up to three years for use in anti-terrorism investigations, raising concerns about civil liberties."
Full story -
Submitted by Anonymous, Tue Sep 27 14:20:17 EDT 2005

Soldiers have Army records stolen
"While fighting in Iraq, Army Sgt. Steven Behr suddenly found himself vulnerable at home. Four computer hard drives containing soldiers' Social Security numbers and other personal records were stolen from Fort Carson - a crime that could expose Behr to identity theft."
Full story -
Submitted by Anonymous, Sun Sep 25 17:56:05 EDT 2005

Safe full of stolen data recovered from sea
"Saanich School District officials were breathing a little easier Friday after police recovered stolen computer data containing sensitive information on thousands of employees and students."
Full story -
Submitted by Anonymous, Sun Sep 25 17:55:24 EDT 2005

Accident dumps thousands of tax payments into SF Bay
"Thousands of tax payments and other correspondence sent to the Internal Revenue Service, possibly from Montana and at least 12 other states, were dumped into San Francisco Bay following an automobile accident."
Full story - Independent Record
Submitted by Anonymous, Sun Sep 25 06:21:39 EDT 2005

Credit card companies can keep data ID theft secret
"Credit card companies don't have to notify customers their personal information has been stolen, a California Judge ruled today. The Rothken law firm in Marin County, Ca had brought a class action suit on behalf of cardholders and merchants against CardSystems Solutions, Visa and MasterCard following a high profile data ID heist in June."
Full story - The Register
Submitted by Anonymous, Sat Sep 24 10:46:37 EDT 2005

Protection trumps privacy regarding the elderly
"NOBODY SHOULD be put in the position of having to choose between doing the right thing and abiding by the law. But that's what was happening under a law that prevented bank tellers from reporting suspicious activity when they thought their elderly customers were getting ripped off."
Full story - Daily Review
Submitted by Anonymous, Fri Sep 23 18:16:15 EDT 2005

Data encryption standard for credit reporting
"The three major US credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, yesterday announced that they would protect sensitive consumer data by using a single encryption standard for data being transferred to and from the firms."
Full story -
Submitted by Anonymous, Fri Sep 23 18:11:47 EDT 2005

Access to Communication Data Opposed
"The European Commission proposal for data retention by communication companies is running into considerable opposition... "Data retention is an invasive tool that interferes with the private lives of everyone in Europe," European Digital Rights, a non-profit association of 17 digital civil rights organisations, Privacy International, an international non-governmental organisation, and Statewatch, a group that monitors civil liberties in Europe said in an open letter to the European Parliament in June."
Full story - IPS
Submitted by Anonymous, Fri Sep 23 08:48:01 EDT 2005

Credit bureaus to adopt data protection standard
"The top three U.S. credit reporting companies said on Thursday they would adopt a single, shared encryption standard to better protect the huge amounts of sensitive electronic data they receive every day from banks, retailers and credit-card companies."
Full story - CNet
Submitted by Anonymous, Fri Sep 23 08:44:09 EDT 2005

Skype security and privacy concerns
"... Software that says it's completely secure, but without a good way to verify that claim, now owned by a company that will basically give up an astonishing amount of personal information about you at the slightest peep from the authorities. This looks and smells bad."
Full story - Security Focus
Submitted by Anonymous, Thu Sep 22 19:04:25 EDT 2005

Credit Card Court Battle Tests Laws
"Testing the bounds of consumer protection laws, Visa USA Inc. and MasterCard International Inc. are headed for court to determine whether they are obliged to notify 264,000 customers that a computer hacker stole their account information."
Full story - TBO
Submitted by Anonymous, Thu Sep 22 17:01:01 EDT 2005

Top EU privacy body criticizes data storage plan
"The European Commission's plan to store details of e-mails and telephone calls to combat terrorism does not respect the fundamental right to privacy, the EU's top adviser on data protection said on Thursday."
Full story - Reuters
Submitted by Anonymous, Thu Sep 22 11:56:41 EDT 2005

Data encryption about to make quantum leap
"... a better data protection technique is being perfected to counter the faster computers and new tools that threaten to crack today's encryption techniques. And ironically, the threat and the possible answer are related."
Full story - Globe and Mail
Submitted by Anonymous, Thu Sep 22 11:55:28 EDT 2005

Data retention: Commission adopts draft Directive
"The European Commission has adopted today a proposal for a Directive on the retention of communications traffic data that would see internet data held for six months, phone data held for one year, and ISPs and telcos compensated for their compliance costs."
Full story -
Submitted by Anonymous, Wed Sep 21 16:21:49 EDT 2005

EU executive unveils plan to store electronic data
"The European Commission adopted proposals on Wednesday to log details of all telephone, Internet and e-mail traffic to combat terror and serious crime, throwing down the gauntlet to European Union member states who are negotiating a rival plan."
Full story - Reuters
Submitted by Anonymous, Wed Sep 21 08:55:59 EDT 2005

Shenefiel: Protecting privacy
"... What technologies must agencies deploy to sustain confidentiality as they collaborate across organizational boundaries during emergencies? Virtual private networks (VPNs) and IP communications tools are critical, and agencies must deploy multilayered, integrated security capabilities across networks end to end."
Full story - FCW
Submitted by Anonymous, Tue Sep 20 16:58:37 EDT 2005

Keystrokes Reveal Passwords to Researchers
"If spyware and key-logging software weren't a big enough threat to privacy, researchers have figured out a way to eavesdrop on your computer simply by listening to the clicks and clacks of the keyboard."
Full story - Yahoo!
Submitted by Anonymous, Tue Sep 20 16:56:40 EDT 2005

EU states still negotiating data storage plan
"European Union member states are still working on a plan to store Internet and telephone data to combat terror despite a rival proposal due from the European Commission on Wednesday."
Full story - Reuters
Submitted by Anonymous, Tue Sep 20 16:51:41 EDT 2005

ISPs Should Be Compensated to Tackle Terrorism
"The European Commission will propose on Wednesday that telecommunications operators and Internet service providers should be compensated for the extra costs of collecting and storing call data to help law enforcement officers track terrorists."
Full story - CSO
Submitted by Anonymous, Tue Sep 20 16:47:35 EDT 2005

Regulators call for global data protection law
"Privacy chiefs from 40 countries have called upon the United Nations to prepare a legally binding instrument which clearly sets out in detail the rights to data protection and privacy as enforceable human rights."
Full story - The Register
Submitted by Anonymous, Tue Sep 20 09:30:23 EDT 2005

Consumers Insist Financial Institutions Remain Vigilant in Protecting Their Privacy: EDS Survey (Press Release)
"... The survey indicates 30 percent of consumers would close all accounts and move their business to another financial institution if their personal information was compromised and a further 10 percent would close some of their accounts and use another bank."
Full story - Yahoo!
Submitted by Anonymous, Tue Sep 20 09:21:24 EDT 2005

Report: Attackers Quietly Target Desktops, Personal Data
"... The Symantec findings -- including a significant jump in malicious code that exposed confidential information -- showed that attackers, now motivated by profit rather than notoriety, are setting their sights on individuals and commonly used applications instead of larger, corporate networks."
Full story - TechNewsWorld
Submitted by Anonymous, Mon Sep 19 19:27:59 EDT 2005

Federal Agencies Expose Millions to Identity Theft
"At the same time the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is busy attempting to combat identity theft; many other federal agencies like Medicare, Medicaid, and the Defense Department continue to use Social Security numbers for identification purposes."
Full story -
Submitted by Anonymous, Mon Sep 19 11:17:05 EDT 2005

Thousands of health records stolen from Palo Alto agency
"A backup tape containing the names, Social Security numbers and detailed health information of as many as 6,000 current and former clients of the Children's Health Council was stolen from the nonprofit agency's offices, officials confirmed Sunday."
Full story - SignOnSanDiego
Submitted by Anonymous, Mon Sep 19 11:15:01 EDT 2005

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    FTC Brings Charges Against Company Flagged In CDT Complaint
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    FaceTime Identifies Fake Google Toolbar Propagated Thru Instant Messaging and Internet Relay Chat
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    Want to check your e-mail in Italy? Bring your passport.
    ROME - An antiterror law makes Internet cafe managers check their clients' IDs and track the websites they visit... After Italy passed a new antiterrorism package in July, authorities ordered managers offering public communications ...
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    Start-up getting financing for fingerprint technology
    A San Francisco start-up, Pay By Touch Solutions, is expected to announce today $130 million in fresh financing for a novel way of paying for groceries and other goods and services: a machine that reads ...
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    Court strikes down bank privacy law
    Federal law trumps California's law restricting financial institutions from distributing information about their customers to affiliated businesses, a U.S. District Court judge ruled Tuesday...
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    FTC Targets Company Secretly Installing Spyware that Can't Be Uninstalled
    Odysseus Marketing and its principal, Walter Rines, advertised software they claimed would allow consumers to engage in peer-to-peer file sharing anonymously... The agency charges that the claims are bogus. First, the software does not make ...
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    Another data security bill in the works
    Rep. Mike Castle, a Delaware Republican, said at a Visa cardholder security conference here that he plans to introduce "in the next couple of days" a revised version of the bill that he has been ...
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    Government Cracks Down On Spyware Operation
    Government regulators are trying to shut down a company they say secretly downloaded spyware onto the computers of unwitting Internet users, rendering them helpless to a flood of pop-up ads, computer crashes and other annoyances...
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    Touch-screen voters feel exposed
    ... The Diebold machines - which will be installed at voting precincts throughout Utah by 2006 - sit atop stands and have tilt-top screens and plastic covers that can be adjusted. But some voters felt ...
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    Protect, don't suffocate me on ID theft (opinion)
    I am not myself these days. I don't know who I am, but I am definitely not myself. A lady on the phone as much as told me so. This was after she had given ...
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