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Proposed or enacted privacy-related legislation on a state, local, or regional level. Some items may also be included in specific news sections such as "Spyware, Trojans, and Other Nasty Things" or "Theft of Personal Data" for spyware legislation and identity theft legislation, respectively.

Want to check your e-mail in Italy? Bring your passport.
"ROME - An antiterror law makes Internet cafe managers check their clients' IDs and track the websites they visit... After Italy passed a new antiterrorism package in July, authorities ordered managers offering public communications services, like Mr. Savoni,to make passport photocopies of every customer seeking to use the Internet, phone, or fax."
Full story - CS Monitor
Submitted by Anonymous, Wed Oct 5 14:12:33 EDT 2005

Workplace privacy laws overhaul recommended
"The Victorian Law Reform Commission has proposed a range of reforms to workplace privacy laws in a report tabled in State Parliament. The report says privacy laws have not kept pace with technology in the workplace."
Full story - ABC
Submitted by Anonymous, Wed Oct 5 08:52:22 EDT 2005

Court strikes down portion of California financial privacy law
"A U.S. District Court judge on Tuesday struck down a portion of a California law that restricts banks from selling consumers' private information to their affiliates, ruling that the state law is pre-empted by federal rules."
Full story - TimesDaily
Submitted by Anonymous, Wed Oct 5 08:49:09 EDT 2005

Schwarzenegger signs bill allowing state to track parolees with GPS
"Satellite tracking technology, a staple of weather forecasting and military operations for decades, is the latest tool California can use to ease its overburdened parole and probation system under legislation signed Tuesday by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger."
Full story - Ledger-Enquirer
Submitted by Anonymous, Wed Oct 5 08:46:40 EDT 2005

Parents and privacy (editorial)
"Emboldened by the progress they've made in banning gay marriage, the Indiana General Assembly's social engineers are seeking to make it harder for gay men, lesbians and single Hoosiers to become parents. With an ill-considered bill, they would also throw roadblocks before infertile married couples seeking medical assistance in starting a family."
Full story -
Submitted by Anonymous, Wed Oct 5 08:46:00 EDT 2005

California Makes Phishing Illegal
"California has passed the country's first antiphishing law, making this form of identity theft punishable by thousands of dollars in fines. The law, entitled the Anti-Phishing Act of 2005, was proposed by state Senator Kevin Murray, and was signed into law on Friday. It is the first such antiphishing legislation to be enacted in the country, according to backers of the bill."
Full story - PC World
Submitted by Anonymous, Tue Oct 4 12:29:26 EDT 2005

Privacy issue is central to Oregon's assisted-suicide law but is not defined in U.S. Constitution
"The word "privacy" does not appear in the U.S. Constitution. Nor is it found in the main legal arguments about Oregon's physician-assisted-suicide law that the U.S. Supreme Court will hear Wednesday."
Full story - Statesman Journal
Submitted by Anonymous, Mon Oct 3 08:41:18 EDT 2005

California passes 'no phishing' law
"California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill on Friday making internet "phishing" identity theft scams punishable by law."
Full story -
Submitted by Anonymous, Mon Oct 3 08:34:26 EDT 2005

Big Brother: Should it be in your car?
"A growing number of states are grappling with a new privacy dilemma: what to do about cars that can spy on their owners. At least two-thirds of new vehicles, including those built by General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co., come equipped with event data recorders -- "black boxes" that can tell tales even after a car has been totaled."
Full story - Auto Insider
Submitted by Anonymous, Mon Oct 3 08:33:30 EDT 2005

Missouri court puts hold on abortion law
"Already blocked by a federal judge, Missouri's new anti-abortion law received a second setback this week as a state judge added his own temporary restraining order against the law."
Full story - First Amendment Center
Submitted by Anonymous, Mon Oct 3 08:15:49 EDT 2005

Codey signs comprehensive identity theft legislation
"New Jersey consumers and businesses will receive tough new tools to combat identity theft thanks to a package of bills signed into law Thursday by acting Gov. Richard J. Codey."
Full story - Daily Record
Submitted by Anonymous, Thu Sep 22 19:06:17 EDT 2005

Credit Card Court Battle Tests Laws
"Testing the bounds of consumer protection laws, Visa USA Inc. and MasterCard International Inc. are headed for court to determine whether they are obliged to notify 264,000 customers that a computer hacker stole their account information."
Full story - TBO
Submitted by Anonymous, Thu Sep 22 17:01:34 EDT 2005

ID theft passport could help you clear your name
"Montana victims of identity theft will have a new tool to help restore their good names and credit as of Oct. 1. That's when the new Identity Theft Passport program kicks off."
Full story - Great Falls Tribune Online
Submitted by Anonymous, Sun Sep 18 11:41:46 EDT 2005

E-alerts on nabe sex fiends? Yes
"... New York State Sen. Jeff Klein has proposed legislation that would allow the public to be notified via E-mail when a level-three sex offender moves into their neighborhood."
Full story - Daily News
Submitted by Anonymous, Sun Sep 18 11:25:29 EDT 2005

The new law will prevent personal information being posted with harmful intent.
"Missouri - A bill that prohibits posting certain personal information on the Internet with the intent or threat to cause harm or death to a person is officially law."
Full story -The Missourian
Submitted by Anonymous, Sun Sep 18 10:33:11 EDT 2005

Judge Blocks New Anti-Abortion Law in Mo.
"A federal judge on Friday blocked enforcement of a new state law further restricting abortions, saying it would have forced an end to the procedure in part of Missouri."
Full story - Las Vegas Sun
Submitted by Anonymous, Sat Sep 17 00:20:15 EDT 2005

Governor signs abortion bill
"Gov. Matt Blunt signed legislation placing further restrictions on abortion yesterday... "The law would prohibit us, also family members, clergy people, health-care providers, from giving young women information about their options if they're pregnant""
Full story - Columbia Tribune
Submitted by Anonymous, Fri Sep 16 16:53:40 EDT 2005

House repeals Internet posting law, makes other fixes
"JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - House members voted Tuesday to repeal a new state law barring posting of personal information about public officials on the Internet. The measure, adopted 144-1, still needs approval of the Senate before being sent to the governor."
Full story -
Submitted by Anonymous, Tue Sep 13 18:51:09 EDT 2005

Schwarzenegger Vows Gay Marriage Bill Veto
"Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced Wednesday he will veto a bill that would have made California the first state to legalize same-sex marriage through its elected lawmakers."
Full story -
Submitted by Anonymous, Thu Sep 8 08:29:29 EDT 2005

Defame laws to be simpler
"NEW civil defamation laws introduced in Victorian State Parliament yesterday will stop corporations suing for defamation and cap compensation at $250,000 for non-economic loss."
Full story -
Submitted by Anonymous, Wed Sep 7 13:54:41 EDT 2005

Schwarzenegger May Veto Gay-Marriage Bill
"Gay rights supporters cheered loudly from the gallery as California lawmakers became the first in the country to approve a bill allowing same-sex marriages. But their celebration may be short-lived. The legislation could be vetoed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has expressed an acceptance of gay marriages but said it's an issue that should be decided by voters or the courts."
Full story - Las Vegas Sun
Submitted by Anonymous, Wed Sep 7 11:07:26 EDT 2005

Report says cameras at Neelin violated privacy
"Neelin high school was wrong when it secretly installed hidden cameras three years ago but remedied the situation appropriately after they were discovered, according to the provincial ombudsman."
Full story - Brandon Sun
Submitted by Anonymous, Tue Sep 6 11:44:53 EDT 2005

Adoptees pushing for access to birth records
"The legislation in Maine seeks to allow adoptees who are 18 or older who fill out request forms to get their original birth certificates, which show the name of their biological mother and, with some exceptions, fathers... Birth parents who don't want to be contacted would, however, be required to complete a personal medical history that would be turned over with the birth certificate."
Full story - Seacoastonline
Submitted by Anonymous, Sat Sep 3 15:12:46 EDT 2005

Adoption ID barrier challenged in Maine
"Well in advance of next year's legislative session, an effort is under way to have Maine follow the example of neighboring New Hampshire and a half dozen other states that allow adult adoptees to have access to their original birth certificates... Maine's law would be similar to one that took effect Jan. 1 in New Hampshire. It gives adult adoptees access to their original birth certificates if they were born in the Granite State, complete a request form and pay $12 research fees."
Full story - MaineToday
Submitted by Anonymous, Sat Sep 3 08:55:28 EDT 2005

Identity theft: New state law will protect privacy (editorial)
"New Yorkers will get some extra protection from identify theft this year under a law passed by the Legislature and signed this month by Gov. George E. Pataki. The cornerstones of this law are requirements that businesses and state agencies with computer records notify consumers and citizens when their financial and personal information has been compromised. Those data leaks could include cover a person's credit card numbers, financial records and health information."
Full story -
Submitted by Anonymous, Fri Sep 2 09:32:45 EDT 2005

Calif. Senate OKs Gay Marriage Bill
"The state Senate approved legislation Thursday that would legalize same-sex marriage in California, a vote that makes the chamber the first legislative body in the country to approve a gay marriage bill."
Full story - Las Vegas Sun
Submitted by Anonymous, Fri Sep 2 09:27:21 EDT 2005

California Legislature postpones Banning RFID
"A Bill proposing the ban of RFID technology in driver's license and other government documents was set aside by California legislators in the face of strong opposition shown by the technology industry."
Full story - RFID Gazette
Submitted by Anonymous, Fri Sep 2 09:26:50 EDT 2005

California Senate Poised to Vote on 'Gay Marriage' Bill
"It's "down to the wire" for a homosexual marriage bill in California, a conservative group is warning. The bill, AB 849, could come up for a vote on the floor of the California Senate any time this week, and that vote is expected to be close, said the Campaign for Children and Families."
Full story - GOPUSA
Submitted by Anonymous, Thu Sep 1 09:03:33 EDT 2005

Court says DNA paternity tests allowed
"Requiring a DNA test to establish paternity in child support cases doesn't violate constitutional protections against unreasonable searches, the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled on Wednesday. The decision was the first one on the issue by an Oregon appellate court, said Kevin Neely, spokesman for Attorney General Hardy Myers. The state's interest in ensuring that children receive the financial support they are due "outweighs the minimal intrusion on personal liberty" from the tests, a three-judge panel said unanimously."
Full story -
Submitted by Anonymous, Wed Aug 31 19:33:00 EDT 2005

California legislator pushes for RFID ban
"The sponsor of controversial legislation that would ban most uses of radio-fequency identification in California is making a final push for passage of his bill before before the Assembly adjourns Sept. 9. State Sen. Joe Simitian (D) is ramping up his efforts to persuade the state legislature to approve his Identity Information Protection Act of 2005, or SB 628. The measure would prohibit use of RFID for three years for driver%92s licenses and student identification, library and health insurance cards."
Full story - Washington Technology
Submitted by Anonymous, Tue Aug 30 16:30:29 EDT 2005

Bill offers new definitions in ongoing abortion debate
"Soon, fetuses outside the mother would be considered persons whether or not they are still connected to the mother. Illinois legislators passed a House Public Act on Aug. 12 that offers new definitions in the ongoing abortion debate. The bill grouped together "person," "human being," "child" and "individual" as including all humans "born alive at any stage of development.""
Full story - Daily Illini
Submitted by Anonymous, Tue Aug 30 08:39:19 EDT 2005

California shelves RFID ban
"California legislators have shelved a closely watched bill that would temporarily ban driver's licenses and other state documents that incorporate wireless identification technology."
Full story - ZDNet
Submitted by Anonymous, Fri Aug 26 21:17:49 EDT 2005

Winters Identity Theft Bill Signed By Oregon Governor
"Senator Jackie Winters (R-Salem) had a visit in January from Marion County Sheriff Raul Ramirez to talk about identity theft and how it connects to methamphetamine and Oregon DMV offices. The sheriff showed her real life examples of the connection between the three. Together they worked with several groups and lawmakers to steer a proposal through the legislature making it harder to use licenses and state ID cards to steal identities and feed meth use. Governor Kulongoski signed the proposal into law on Tuesday."
Full story - Medford News
Submitted by Anonymous, Fri Aug 26 17:17:18 EDT 2005

Women strip-searched in jail sought for lawsuit
"More than 5,000 women who were illegally strip-searched are running out of time to file claims for up to $3,000 each in one of the largest civil-rights settlements in Miami-Dade County. The women have until midnight Sept. 1 to submit postmarked forms to qualify for payments for illegal searches conducted at the Women's Detention Center following misdemeanor arrests."
Full story - Orlando Sentinel
Submitted by Anonymous, Fri Aug 26 11:02:51 EDT 2005

NY: Alfano Bill on Information Security Breaches Law
"Consumers utilizing financial institutions, businesses, retailers and major universities that have been victims of security breaches by criminals stealing personal information are being given new protections under a new state law sponsored by Assemblyman Tom Alfano, State Senator Chuck Fuschillo and Assemblyman Jim Brennan. It's a measure that consumer groups have hailed as a giant step in the right direction."
Full story - Anton News
Submitted by Anonymous, Thu Aug 25 15:43:28 EDT 2005

Laws designed to shield kids from spam, porn backfire
"Laws in two states to shield children from objectionable e-mail are having a chilling effect on nearly everyone but the spammers they were intended for. The laws in Michigan and Utah create e-mail registries to prevent children from viewing adult-oriented messages. The laws, both barely a month old, threaten to disrupt businesses nationwide, marketers and legal experts say."
Full story - AZCentral
Submitted by Anonymous, Thu Aug 25 15:39:54 EDT 2005

The right to be left alone (editorial)
"SHOULD THE STATE have the ability to track your movements with tiny radio transmitters? This is the essence of the debate behind Senate Bill 682, which reaches a critical juncture today in the Assembly Appropriations Committee."
Full story - SFGate
Submitted by Anonymous, Thu Aug 25 09:23:16 EDT 2005

Utah law requires Utah ISP's to provide pornography filters
"The collection of bookstores, publishers and Internet service providers upset at new anti-porn legislation have missed the point, and 11 of the 14 are not even affected by the new law, according to legal briefs filed Tuesday by state attorneys."
Full story - Salt Lake Tribune
Submitted by Anonymous, Wed Aug 24 07:57:33 EDT 2005

County hires lawyer to fight new statute
"Boone County is one of five counties that will seek an injunction against the implementation of a law that requires the removal of public officials' personal information from the Internet. A section of Senate Bill 420 makes it illegal to post personal information about public officials online without the officials' written permission. Attorney David Shorr said he will ask for an injunction this week to prevent the law from taking effect Sunday."
Full story - Columbia Tribune
Submitted by Anonymous, Tue Aug 23 16:25:20 EDT 2005

NC: General Assembly approves identity theft bill
"RALEIGH (AP) - Companies would have to more carefully handle customers' personal information to combat identity theft under a bill given final legislative approval Tuesday. The bill restricts the sale and display of Social Security numbers and forces companies to properly destroy information when they throw it away."
Full story -
Submitted by Anonymous, Tue Aug 23 16:01:39 EDT 2005

The State of Privacy Regulation
"... While corporations have been taking matters into their own hands to better protect sensitive company information, CIOs should also understand the laws governing the handling of sensitive customer data. An assortment of new state and federal legislation has been rolled out -- and additional laws may be on the horizon -- to curb the potential for such substantial customer data loss. Here is an update on privacy regulations that impact businesses..."
Full story - ITWorld
Submitted by Anonymous, Thu Aug 18 20:13:52 EDT 2005

'Digital birth ID' stirs privacy debate
"Imagine a virtual "thumbprint" that attaches your time and place of birth to your photo and iris scans - one of millions collected, warehoused and monitored by the watchful eye of Big Brother. The technology is no longer just the stuff of science fiction. It's pretty much old news to tech-savvy security experts. Boring, even. No government has tried it out on a large scale, but Florida might become the first."
Full story - PalmBeachPost
Submitted by Anonymous, Sat Aug 13 12:24:23 EDT 2005

Georgia Cyber-Crime Bill Becomes Law
"With the stroke of a pen, children in Georgia now have more protection from internet predators under a law proposed by Lt. Governor Mark Taylor. Sponsored by Senator David Adelman (D-DeKalb), the cyber-crime law enables law enforcement to subpoena identifying information from Internet Service Providers in the event they have a suspect who is possibly stalking a child online."
Fulls story - Government Technology
Submitted by Anonymous, Fri Aug 12 17:00:00 EDT 2005

NY enacts security breaches disclosure law
"New York has enacted an information security breaches law which will oblige firms and local government agencies to notify customers in the state if their personal information is taken or its systems are hacked into."
Fulls story - The Register
Submitted by Anonymous, Fri Aug 12 12:21:02 EDT 2005

New York Signs Security Bill
"New York Governor George Pataki has signed a bill requiring companies and state agencies to tell New York customers when the security of their data has been compromised. The legislation was passed in June by New York's State Senate and signed into law Wednesday."
Full Story - Red Herring
Submitted by Anonymous, Thu Aug 11 15:10:49 EDT 2005

Legislators propose anti-spam bill that would threaten prison time
"TALLAHASSEE - Porth and Sen. Dave Aronberg, D-Greenacres, want to impose criminal penalties on the makers of commercial junk e-mails. Like a law that took effect in Georgia on July 1, it would become a felony punishable by up to five years in prison to send 10,000 commercial spam e-mails in any 24-hour period or more than 100,000 in a 30-day period or 1 million in a year -- or if revenue from a specific e-mail generates more than $1,000."
Full story -
Submitted by Anonymous, Tue Aug 9 08:55:17 EDT 2005

Keep the Momentum Going - Tell Your Reps to Keep RFID Out of California IDs
"From We're close to victory in the battle to keep RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tracking chips out of California IDs, but we need your help to go the rest of the way. SB 682, a sensible bill with broad bipartisan support, would keep RFIDs out of the IDs you use every day - like your driver's license or medical benefits card - until there are safeguards in place to protect your privacy. It has already passed in the California Senate."
Full story - EFF
Submitted by Anonymous, Fri Aug 5 11:07:56 EDT 2005

MA: Bill would toughen sex-offender laws
"State lawmakers proposed a sweeping overhaul of Massachusetts sex offender laws yesterday, unveiling legislation that would dramatically increase the number of convicted offenders identified online, stiffen penalties for those who fail to register, and ratchet up the monitoring of those on parole."
Full story -
Submitted by Anonymous, Tue Aug 2 10:58:07 EDT 2005

Ontario consumer protection law to affect websites
"Companies wishing to do on-line business in Ontario will have to take a hard look at their websites to see whether they comply with a new consumer-protection law, but it's for their own good, an Ottawa lawyer says. The Consumer Protection Act, which comes into effect Saturday, sets explicit guidelines on how Internet-based business must be conducted... The act applies to all companies, large and small, that do business in Ontario, even when one of the parties is not in the province. Problems might arise, however, if an Ontario customer runs into trouble with a foreign seller that does not feel bound by Ontario law, or has no assets in Ontario that can be seized."
Full story - Globe and Mail
Submitted by Anonymous, Thu Jul 28 09:40:07 EDT 2005

Michigan, Utah Impose Dreaded E-Mail Tax
"Various "chain letters" have zoomed around the Internet for years, claiming the U.S. Postal Service was going to charge an "e-mail tax." Those messages were hoaxes. But two states have imposed an e-mail tax for real -- and more states may pass such laws soon."
Full story - Earthweb
Submitted by Anonymous, Tue Jul 26 15:24:12 EDT 2005

CA Governor signs voter-data bill
"Legislation to ban foreign workers from handling personal information from California voter lists or petition drives was signed Monday by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger."
Full story - SacBee
Submitted by Anonymous, Tue Jul 26 08:45:47 EDT 2005

State starts anti-spam registry for children
"This month, Michigan launched a registry called Protect MI Child Registry designed to help Thompson and other parents stop spammers from sending inappropriate material to children younger than 18. State officials believe it's the nation's first such law. Beginning Monday, spammers must stop e-mailing children whose addresses are registered by the state if they're sending advertisements about pornography, tobacco, gambling, alcohol, illegal or prescription drugs, firearms or fireworks."
Full story - WZZM
Submitted by Anonymous, Tue Jul 26 08:44:59 EDT 2005

Rep Dennis Richardson's Oregon Legislative Update: Civil Rights, Civil Unions & Reciprocal Benefits
"Salem, Oregon - The big news today is the House amendments to Senate Bill 1000. Many have heard that last week the Oregon Senate passed S.B. 1000, the Civil Unions bill. What most do not know is that the final form of the Senate's Civil Unions bill retained the provisions elevating sexual orientation, appearance and behavior to the same "protected civil right status" as race and religion. This was a political "bait and switch" ploy. After the public outrage against making sexually oriented behaviors a civil right, you might remember the widely publicized Senate decision to eliminate the sexual orientation provisions from the "Civil Unions" bill."
Full story -
Submitted by Anonymous, Sun Jul 24 14:25:54 EDT 2005

Bill aims to protect ID-carrying microchips
"When students at a Sutter County elementary school wore tiny electronic tags last winter to take attendance as they walked into class, they ignited a fight between high technology and civil liberty... Simitian's Senate Bill 682 would set standards for use of such technology by public agencies. It would ban for three years the use of radio-frequency tags on driver's licenses, public library cards, government health or benefit cards, and on student ID cards in kindergarten through high school."
Full story - ModBee
Submitted by Anonymous, Sun Jul 24 14:24:29 EDT 2005

Calif. RFID Bill Is Unconstitutional (opinion)
"California Senate Bill 682, the Identity Information Protection Act of 2005, is one of the first state legislative proposals directed at regulating RFID. Several of its provisions are unconstitutional and likely to be invalidated by the courts."
Full story - RFID Journal
Submitted by Anonymous, Mon Jul 18 00:01:28 EDT 2005

States Consider Privacy Rules for 'Black Boxes'
"An array of state legislatures are moving forward with measures this year to regulate automobile event data recorders -- the so-called "black boxes" that monitor vehicle speed, seat belt use and other safety data, according to experts. According to a report by Pam Greenberg, an analyst with the legislative information services bureau of the National Conference of State Legislatures, legislation related to use of the technology was introduced in 15 states this year, and bills were passed in Arkansas and North Dakota. California earlier passed the first legislation regulating black boxes."
Full story - TechNewsWorld
Submitted by Anonymous, Thu Jul 14 09:23:46 EDT 2005

State's Gay Marriage Battle Goes On With New Bill
"SACRAMENTO - The quest to legalize gay marriage was revived Tuesday by a Senate committee that approved the measure that was slipped into a fisheries research bill after it failed in the state Assembly. The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 4-1 in favor of the bill that mirrors one that fell four votes shy last month in the Assembly."
Full story - CBS5
Submitted by Anonymous, Wed Jul 13 10:31:01 EDT 2005

Right-to-marry bill resurfaces (editorial)
"LEGISLATION to allow same-sex marriage in California, once thought dead for the year, should be resurrected in the state Senate this week -- assuming Democrats who support the bill don't lose their spine."
Full story - San Francisco Chronicle
Submitted by Anonymous, Mon Jul 11 08:58:56 EDT 2005

Baldacci signs law to help Mainers prevent ID theft
"Lawmakers publicized a new state law Friday that takes another step toward protecting Mainers from identity theft. The law requires companies to tell consumers if there's been a security breach with their personal information."
Full story - Maine Today
Submitted by Anonymous, Sat Jul 9 10:08:38 EDT 2005

GUEST EDITORIAL: Bad law shot down
"Riverside County officials pulled back a controversial portion of a new ordinance designed to combat the production and use of methamphetamine after county attorneys pointed out that the ordinance conflicts with state law. It shouldn't have taken legal counsel to remind supervisors what was wrong with a measure that would have required store clerks to gather personal information about people before they are allowed to buy over-the-counter cold medicines that include pseudoephedrine."
Full story - Desert Dispatch
Submitted by Anonymous, Fri Jul 8 11:10:45 EDT 2005

OR: Lawmakers pass bill intended to deter voyeurs
"High-tech voyeurs who use cell phones with cameras, hidden video recorders and other gadgets to spy on their victims may soon face lawsuits, following the passage of a bill expected to be signed by Gov. Ted Kulongoski. Lawmakers were prompted to pass the bill following several shocking cases of invasion of privacy, including a 2001 incident in which a man taped the Astoria High School girl's swimming team. The lens he used could see through the girls' bathing suits."
Full story - KGW
Submitted by Anonymous, Wed Jul 6 14:30:24 EDT 2005

A Compromise on the California RFID Bill (opinion)
"Senator Joe Simitian (D-Palo Alto) has revised the bill he originally authored and introduced to the California State Senate - the Identity Information Protection Act - to reduce restrictions on the use of radio frequency identification transponders in government-issued identity documents (see Calif. Bill Allows RFID in More Ids). While the amendments are a step in the right direction, the RFID industry continues to oppose the bill."
Full story - RFID Journal
Submitted by Anonymous, Sun Jul 3 10:44:21 EDT 2005

Parents now must be told if teen daughter seeks abortion
"TALLAHASSEE - Starting today, a doctor performing abortions must notify parents that their underage daughters seek to have an abortion -- but abortion opponents fret that a provision in the new law might allow some girls to "judge shop" for a sympathetic court willing to waive the notification requirement."
Full story - Miami Herald
Submitted by Anonymous, Fri Jul 1 09:29:50 EDT 2005

Michigan E-Mail Law Aims to Protect Children
"Starting today, parents can sign up for what Michigan officials say is the nation's first registry aimed at keeping spammers from sending children inappropriate e-mail. The new law bans sending messages to children related to such things as pornography, illegal or prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, firearms or fireworks. Parents and schools will be able to register children's e-mail addresses."
Full story - latimes
Submitted by Anonymous, Fri Jul 1 09:17:51 EDT 2005

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    FTC Brings Charges Against Company Flagged In CDT Complaint
    From The Federal Trade Commission announced today that it had brought charges against Odysseus Marketing, publisher of a software product called ClientMan. The Center for Democracy & Technology had first identified ClientMan as one ...
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    FaceTime Identifies Fake Google Toolbar Propagated Thru Instant Messaging and Internet Relay Chat
    FaceTime today warns users about malicious links being spread through instant messaging (IM) and Internet Relay Chat (IRC) which downloads a rogue, fake Google toolbar and adware on users machines and re-directs users to a ...
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    Want to check your e-mail in Italy? Bring your passport.
    ROME - An antiterror law makes Internet cafe managers check their clients' IDs and track the websites they visit... After Italy passed a new antiterrorism package in July, authorities ordered managers offering public communications ...
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    Start-up getting financing for fingerprint technology
    A San Francisco start-up, Pay By Touch Solutions, is expected to announce today $130 million in fresh financing for a novel way of paying for groceries and other goods and services: a machine that reads ...
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    Court strikes down bank privacy law
    Federal law trumps California's law restricting financial institutions from distributing information about their customers to affiliated businesses, a U.S. District Court judge ruled Tuesday...
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    FTC Targets Company Secretly Installing Spyware that Can't Be Uninstalled
    Odysseus Marketing and its principal, Walter Rines, advertised software they claimed would allow consumers to engage in peer-to-peer file sharing anonymously... The agency charges that the claims are bogus. First, the software does not make ...
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    Another data security bill in the works
    Rep. Mike Castle, a Delaware Republican, said at a Visa cardholder security conference here that he plans to introduce "in the next couple of days" a revised version of the bill that he has been ...
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    Government Cracks Down On Spyware Operation
    Government regulators are trying to shut down a company they say secretly downloaded spyware onto the computers of unwitting Internet users, rendering them helpless to a flood of pop-up ads, computer crashes and other annoyances...
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    Touch-screen voters feel exposed
    ... The Diebold machines - which will be installed at voting precincts throughout Utah by 2006 - sit atop stands and have tilt-top screens and plastic covers that can be adjusted. But some voters felt ...
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    Protect, don't suffocate me on ID theft (opinion)
    I am not myself these days. I don't know who I am, but I am definitely not myself. A lady on the phone as much as told me so. This was after she had given ...
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