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Service Notices

We have received no requests for any subscriber information this month.

Transparency report on data requests and information on how they are handled

Phishing: We are a constant target of phishing e-mail. We will never send you formatted e-mail, we only send plain text. We do not send links for you to click. Do not follow links or click things in emails. Come to our website and check notices, make a payment, etc. As always, email helpdesk if you have questions.

Mar 30 - We have disabled accounts that expired and were not renewed, if you are unable to sign in, this may be why. You can renew here.

Mar 27 - Just a notice on a new phishing mail where the link in the message looks like it goes to if viewing in html, it does not, do not click links in emails that look like they come from us. As always, contact helpdesk if you have questions.

Feb 27 - We gave a little cushion from our Feb 15th date, but we have now disabled accounts that expired and have not renewed. If your's was one, please renew via the Signup/Renew link. If you feel your account was disabled in error, please contact helpdesk.

Jan 31 - If you receive an expiration notice tomorrow that you feel is in error, please let us know, those receiving a notice will be disabled this month if you do not renew. We have updated our account database to bring the accounts we allowed leeway back current.

Covid Accounts:
During the pandemic we stopped disabling accounts that were unable to afford renewal. This was our way to say thanks and "pay back" our longer term clients who fell on hard times for their decades of support. We shouldered it all ourself, not even taking a PPP Loan. Unfortunately, with this and rising costs, we are now feeling the pinch.

We now must resume normal expirations and we must disable those accounts that are expired and have not renewed. A notice will go out this month to accounts that will be affected.

If you are aware that your account is in arrears, please renew asap. Accounts more than 2 months in arrears will be forgiven the excess and will instead have their renewal payment applied to a date of Dec 31, 2022 (yes, no matter how far in arrears. Unless you wish to help out, we do welcome it, just let helpdesk know to apply to your actual expiration date).

Thank you all for your patronage and support!

Jan 6 - We have updated the VPN servers, please contact helpdesk if you have any problems.

Jan 2 - We wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year!

Dec 16 - We experienced a provider issue that caused our servers to be unavalable, the issue has been corrected.

Covid-19 - While we are a mostly virtual operation, the virus may affect timeliness of some requests, specifically, helpdesk requests may be answered a bit slower for non-emergency questions. Our data centers do remain staffed and we expect no service interruptions. We hope everyone remains safe and healthy.

Notice - Please be aware that we will NEVER send you an unexpected e-mail with a link, an attachment, nor asking for personal information like your password. If we have a mass message to convey it is only posted here. If it is important, you may receive a mail that says "Please check Notices" and that is all.

Any mail you receive pretending to come from us with a link, an attachment, or asking for personal information, like your password, is called a Phish. These are common. You do not want to fall for them. There are many filters in Options to block them and we block obvious ones once detected, but the only 100% filter is to block all email, so some will always slip through. It is in your hands not to fall for those that do. If there are any questions, please contact helpdesk.

Information: Spammers have a technique of sending e-mail with the majority of the addresses sent to in the BCC (Blind Carbon Copy) line, this results in receiving a mail without your address as the To line. This does not mean the mail has been misdirected to your account. It means a spammer had your address in the BCC line.

Reminder: Because we are a privacy service, we do not back up your personal e-mail. This means that when you delete it, it is irretreivably gone. It is not floating around in some backup that can be retrieved from us against your will. However, it also means you must download and save your important mail, if you delete it, we can't restore it.

For optimum privacy with the service use a pop3s mail app and set it to delete the mail from the server after retrieval. We also recommend that your local mail store be an encrypted volume. Once your mail is removed from the server by your mail app, we no longer have a copy, no mail backups and we are deliberately not a cloud service for the same reason. This puts you in full control of your mail and its privacy. When you delete it, it can't be retrieved and there is no record of it being there.

Custom domain - You can also use your own registered domain with us (this is the preferred method of most of our users). We have no limit on the number of private e-mail domains you host with us. Your own domains will work with our service just like all the domains we already offer. If you wish to do this please contact helpdesk with your account name and the registered domain name so we can set it up. We can host both web and e-mail for your domain or just the e-mail, your choice.

All of our e-mail features will work with both our domains and your own domain after doing so (in other words, you don't lose any of your cotse domains and addresses, you just gain new ones with your own domain), including unlimited aliases in the form of

Unlike our domains, your account name will not appear in the e-mail address for your own domain. We can also point specific aliases at other cotse accounts if you and your family, friends, or business users also have accounts with us. This service is free with your paid account.

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