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Advanced E-Mail Service


We have the most flexible and advanced e-mail system you'll find anywhere:

  • One size does not fit all when it comes to e-mail, which is why we offer you a buffet of options to pick and choose from to build the service that works best you.
  • One mail address is not enough.
  • We give you unlimited addresses in twenty domains plus unlimited addresses in any of your own custom registered domains
    • This is so you can give each place that requests an e-mail address its own custom address.
    • This means that if they then spam you or sell your address to spammers you will know it, because it was a custom address you gave them.
    • You will also be able to shut off that address without affecting the rest of your wanted e-mail.
    • This method is one of the most successful antispam solutions, no more will a sold e-mail address cause you grief in spam.
    • This also allows you to give friends, family, and business associates custom addresses that bypass all spam filters. Never lose an important mail in a bulk folder again either.
  • We host MX for registered domain names at no additional cost. Your personal or business domain will function with all of our features and filters.
  • We give you more control of your e-mail than anywhere else.
  • A full buffet of antispam solutions are available. Use none, one, or all. Build the spam solution that works best for you.
    • SpamAssassin - A scoring based spam filter. Messages pass a number of tests, each test assigning a score. If it scores too high, it's spam. It's very effective.
    • Bayesian Filtering - This is a spam filter that learns, you train it by telling it what is spam and not spam.
    • Attachment Spamblock - block or allow attachments based upon attachment type and/or source or destination address. No more unexpected malicious payloads.
    • Spamblock by vocabulary - block by anything in the header or body: use words, phrases, even paragraphs.
    • Password protect your mail - this feature allows you to set a password and any email without it in the subject is blocked
    • HTML Spamblocking - block messages containing html. Nearly all spam is sent in html, this is a very effective filter, but you must be careful to whitelist those who send html mail that you want.
    • Spamblock based upon domain, ip address, or netblock
    • Antispam DNSBLs - choose from many popular antispam block lists and have them applied to your e-mail
    • Autoexpiring addresses - Give out a mail address that works until a given date then rejects mail as User Unknown.
      • This is very effective for those places that want an e-mail address to download something, you know it's going on a list, give them an address that is only good for two days or so and then no longer works.
    • All filters run server side, so you do not have to be logged in for them to be working for you on new mail.
  • Redirect specific email to your cell phone, another e-mail address, or a folder of your choice.
    • Never miss that important e-mail again.
    • Never have to stay near your computer waiting for that important email.
    • Set it to be sent to your phone when it arrives.
    • Use anything in the header or body of the email to trigger the redirection, what address it is from, what address it was sent to, what it contains, etc.
  • We offer mail over all popular protocols:
    • POP3/POP3s
    • IMAP/IMAPs
    • SMTP/SMTPs
    • Webmail
  • Securely retrieve e-mail from nearly any other service over any protocol or port via an encrypted connection.
    • This ensures that nobody can snoop on the contents of your mail.
    • Remain safe from prying eyes.
    • Get all of your e-mail and messages in one place, securely and fully filtered.
      • No more checking five different e-mail accounts.
      • Apply our antispam filters to all of your e-mail accounts.
    • Fully secure. Automatically selects best encryption methods to use.
    • Retrievals will run even when you are logged off
    • You are shielded from the site you are retrieving mail from, they will not know your IP because it is our IP logging in and getting your e-mail.
    • Any service that allows remote retrieval of mail is supported (ie. does not just offer webmail).
    • With our service you may also add, remove, or replace headers from mail sent via either webmail or our SMTP and your favorite e-mail client.
      • Do you like your mail client, but hate that it advertises itself and it's version in every sent mail?
      • With us you can remove those headers, replace them with something else, and/or even add your own custom headers if you want.
    • Automatically translate e-mail from other languages into a language you can read.
    • Calendar and todo lists.
    • The ability to store and index notes and bookmarks is included too.

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